Door opening systems define the functionality and aesthetics of your living room in the best way. That is why it is important to choose the most appropriate ones for your needs.

Making the most of every space in your home is a daily challenge. Functionality and style can go at the same pace when the result is efficiency. Door opening systems are no exception. The goal is to make them less intrusive, easy to use and competitive on the market.  



Door opening systems importance The opening system should not be underestimated. Design and shape of a door influence the room style: they characterise it and give the first impression to your guests. It is also clearly essential for the functionality of the door itself.

Finding the right solution Many customers express a desire for interior doors that do not clutter up the space available, which is often not sufficient for all door types. This is where the professionalism of our experts always guarantees the right solution. For instance, installing a sliding door will allow almost 100% use of the internal space. Habitability, comfort and quality are factors which have to be taken into account when you want to tailor-make your flat. Spaces size and walls layout do the rest. From traditional to innovative systems, GP Porte offers a wide range of solutions:

  • Hinged Door
  • Wall-wire Door
  • Hidden sliding Door
  • Visible sliding Door
  • Overlaying Door
  • Symmetrical book Door
  • Asymmetrical book Door
  • Swing-Translation Door
  • Pivot Door
  • Swinging Door
  • Like Wardrobe Door

Our opening systems

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