Even before the advent of Covid-19, the idea of creating laminate doors with an advanced antibacterial treatment was conceived.

It was some time before Covid-19 disrupted the way we live and work that we sought to optimise the production of doors to suit every need. In particular, the idea of a certified antibacterial treatment comes from the desire to provide an innovative product in the laminate interior door sector. The pandemic changed the market and imposed a whole series of ” innovations” that had already been foreseen by the most qualified companies.

Advanced antibacterial treatment: ArgentoVivo

The interior design market has changed its horizons and so, after a series of tests and certifications, the ArgentoVivo line of decors was born, of which GP Porte is a partner reseller in Calabria. The antibacterial door is obtained through the application of a decor treated with silver ions that makes it antibacterial. The same procedure will also be available on our new handles that complete the final product for a total antibacterial coverage. Several decors have been created with this feature, including the Milk ArgentoVivo collection. There are many different colours to suit all types of decor.

Milk line

The new essences have a certified surface treatment, capable of blocking the spread of bacteria. This means that you can open your door in total safety without having to worry about disinfecting it. Milk is the antibacterial line by LongLife, available from GP Porte since 1st March 2021. It features a three-dimensional effect thanks to the pore synchronised with the wood grain pattern. Resistant to scratching and humidity, it is a decoration which combines quality and creativity, thanks to the different colours which adapt to any furnishing style.

Download the brochure and choose your favourite essence.


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